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Dr. Thomas Dillard and Heather Martin founded Triad Pediatrics with the goal of not only providing pediatric care in the Triad region of North Carolina but also allowing providers every couple of years to go to another place in the world in need and provide medical care for one or two months. During this time, the foundation would provide a stipend to cover basic living expenses while the provider is away from Triad Pediatrics.


Mission hospitals around the world often have needs for certain medical supplies and equipment. In addition to serving, a goal of the foundation is to spearhead fundraisers to address these needs.


Short-term teams of staff members from Triad Pediatrics from time to time will travel to different places to serve and provide medical care. In November of 2020, we are planning to take a small team to serve at Eagle’s Nest in Guatemala. Funds raised by the foundation will help support and allow staff to go and serve without significant personal expense.


Currently our areas of focus are Kenya, West Africa, and Guatemala. As we continue to grow and are able to do more we hope to expand our reach. At the current time, these parts of the world are where we are focused. Dr. Dillard is currently serving at Tenwek Mission Hospital in Kenya.

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