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Tenwek Hospital Gift Catalog 

Clinic Visit for One Child 


One Hospital Day 


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One ICU Day


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Basic Labs for One Child 


One Dose of Surfactant 

One Month of Food for Family of 4



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Pediatric Echocardiogram


One CT Scan 

Diapers for One Baby for One Week



Clinic visit

Syringe Pump


Hospital day

                   CLINIC VISIT FOR ONE CHILD: Primary and Preventative care is still rare in rural Kenya. Many families do not seek medical attention for their children until they are very sick or have been sick for some time. At Tenwek, we are working to change this by providing a comprehensive children’s clinic that focusses on early diagnosis, prevention, and health maintenance. In combination with community outreach and education, we are hoping to significantly reduce the unacceptable number of preventable childhood deaths and disabilities we currently see in the hospital. Average Cost: $15

ICU day

             ONE HOSPITAL DAY: When children are admitted to the hospital, we strive to provide comprehensive care for their physical, social, and spiritual needs. We work closely with our nurses, social workers, and chaplains to care for these children, precious in the sight of the Lord, and their families. When a child is sick enough to require inpatient admission to the hospital, the cost can add up very quickly. Average Cost $40

Basic labs

ONE ICU DAY: Intensive care is something no one wants to experience, but imagine if it were not available when you needed it. Recently our Pediatric team has cared for an average of 4-5 intensive care patients per day. Care in our ICU’s ranges from high level monitoring of ventilated patients to precise administration of life-saving medication. We work closely with our team of highly skilled
nurses to provide care that is not available anywhere else in our region. Average Cost: $100


BASIC LABS FOR ONE CHILD:  At Tenwek, we are blessed to have access to laboratory services that allow us to properly diagnose illness and aid in monitoring recovery. Even a basic laboratory evaluation can be costly for our families. Labs necessary for the diagnosis of rare diseases are often out of reach. Average Cost: $30

Month of food

ONE DOSE OF SURFACTANT:  When a baby is born too early, their lungs cannot expand properly. A single dose of a medication  called surfactant, given directly into the lungs, can truly mean the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, both the medication and the skills to administer it are rare in this part of Africa. We are blessed at Tenwek to be able to provide both. Average Cost $200


ONE MONTH WORTH OF FOOD FOR FAMILY OF 4: Despite difficult financial times all around the world, most of us still do not have to worry about whether we will be able to feed our children today. We care for many malnourished children at Tenwek, some requiring weeks in the hospital before they are stable enough to be discharged. We rejoice to see them improving, but we struggle with the desperation of sending them back into the same environment that led to their malnutrition in the first place. Malnutrition never impacts a single child, but is an indicator that the entire family, and likely their community, is struggling to meet basic nutritional needs. Average Cost $50

CT Scan

PEDIATRIC ECHOCARDIOGRAM:  Over the last few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of children with complex heart disease in both our clinic and our inpatient units. This is a direct result of our amazing Cardiothoracic Surgery Department and the countless hours volunteered by pediatric cardiologists, critical care nurses and cardiothoracic surgeons who visit Tenwek from all over the US multiple times each year. Despite performing more open-heart surgeries than any other hospital in East Africa, the waiting list for these lifesaving procedures continues to grow. All these children require one or more echocardiogram, or heart ultrasound, in order to know how best to treat them medically and whether they will require surgery. Average Cost $70


ONE CT SCAN:  Many of the patients who come to Tenwek have complex or unusual conditions. It is critically important to find the right diagnosis as quickly as possible so that the proper treatment can be given. We are blessed to have a CT scanner, but the machine is expensive to run and maintain. Although the cost for a CT is very low compared to other parts of the world, it is still a challenge for many of the families who come to Tenwek. Average Cost $100

DIAPERS FOR ONE BABY FOR ONE WEEK:  Diapers may not seem essential for a hospital, but if you were a nurse caring for 40-50 babies, you might change your mind! The cost can add up as quick as a pile of dirty diapers. Average Cost: $15

SYRINGE PUMP:  Some medications require very precise doses to be given over a very specific amount of time. For a small baby, this can be nearly impossible without the right equipment. In this case, the right equipment is a device called a syringe pump. As we care for smaller and sicker children, our need for syringe pumps has increased significantly, but the few we currently have is not enough.
Average Cost $500

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